Izida and Valdemar

Izida and Valdemar

Izida and Valdemar

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  1. I just had a fat nut and I realized I don’t want to do this anymore. All I want is to grow on YouTube. I don’t have many friends, not much family, but you guys, the PH Community. You are my family. I need to help grow, my yt is yyakob, please sub and check me out. It would help me a lot. I can’t watch porn anymore, it just makes me depressed. Thank you.

  2. I’m Ziwen. Can any of you help me verify my ph account? I have my masturbation video. I am a foreign student who is short of money. I also like masturbation and want to earn some pocket money. If you can verify it for me, your revenue account can be filled in, half of the revenue from each broadcast volume can be distributed to you, and the account password can be shared by you and me.

  3. Ok i get it these are acters to be paid to do this but its just hurts to see a wife cheating and she says"its not what it looks like"even though the plumbers dick is right next to her pussy and shes naked

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